Radio Frequency and Ultrasound

Tighten and tone loose skin on your face and body.

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Radio Frequency and Ultrasound

Tighten and tone loose skin on your face and body.

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Treatment Facts

Procedure Time

60 to 90 min

Recovery Time


Return to work

Same day

Duration of results

3 to 6 months





Along with fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin is one of the most common age-related aesthetic concerns among patients.

There are many factors involved in causing skin aging and sagging, but sun exposure is the main culprit. Sagging skin can be particularly challenging to treat using topical products alone. Fortunately, there are now a variety of different professional skin-tightening treatment options that don’t require a surgical procedure to help you achieve a smoother, tighter and more youthful look.

Radio frequency and Ultrasound technology also deliver great results in the treatment of cellulite and unwanted fat. Best results are achieved when a package of 6 to 12 sessions are done, at twice weekly intervals.

Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound technology has long been used in the medical field, but is now widely used in non-surgical skin tightening. Ultrasound energy is utilized to heat the skin. This stimulates your own production of collagen, a key protein involved in maintaining firm, youthful skin. Ultrasound technology can lift and tighten loose neck and chin skin, sometimes referred to as a “turkey neck,” as well as smooth away the lines and wrinkles in other areas of the face and upper chest.

The ultrasound treatment also allows your body to break down fat cells. These cells are then metabolized through your body’s natural removal processes. Unlike traditional liposuction, ultrasound treatment uses no injections, anesthesia, and there is no down time making it the perfect treatment for removal of fat and cellulite.  The treatment is virtually painless, one experiences only mild discomfort from the heating effect. Whether you want to remove belly, thigh, arm, hip, chin or back fat, ultrasound is a great alternative treatment to non-surgical fat reduction!

Radio frequency Technology

Radio frequency waves also heat and tighten loose or sagging skin. This method works similarly to ultrasound technology, in that it uses heat to stimulate the production of important proteins within the skin.

Both ultrasound and radio frequency skin tightening may take several months to produce their full results, but you should be able to enjoy noticeably tighter skin for up to three years.

It is now possible to deliver radio frequency energy to the deep dermal and sub-dermal layers of the skin, whilst protecting the epidermis (outer layer of the skin). Heating the dermal and sub dermal layers of the skin causes microscopic changes to the tissues and collagen contraction, with subsequent collagen remodelling over the months that follow.

The unique combination of processes involved in radio frequency skin tightening provides both an immediate uplifting effect, followed by further longer term skin tightening, restructuring and rejuvenating benefits.

Radio frequency also gives deep, controlled heating of the fatty layers under the skin, which means that superficial fatty deposits can be broken down and drained through the lymphatic system, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Types of Radio Frequency treatments:

Monopolar (also called Unipolar):

This refers to the treatment device having one electrode or pole. It works on the uppermost layers of the skin.


Refers to a treatment device that has two electrodes or poles. This penetrates to deeper levels of the skin.


Combination of mono and bipolar. Works on both upper layers and deeper layers of the skin. Tri-polar combines the effects of both mono and bi-polar radio frequency in a single treatment, which produces better pain free results. By delivering radio frequency energy deep into dermal tissues, the heating action causes deep collagen structures within the skin to immediately tighten. Over time, new collagen is produced by the body to further tighten the skin.

No matter which option(s) you and your practitioner choose, it can be helpful to pair the right topical ingredients with your skin-tightening treatments to enhance your results. Topical retinol and a properly formulated vitamin C serum boost collagen production and help these machines work even better.


Is radio frequency and ultrasound safe?

Yes. Radio frequency has a proven track record and has been shown to be safe. It has been used in neurosurgery, dermatology, cardiology, and ENT for more than 70 years! The treatment is relaxing and pain-free.

How many treatments will I need?​

It may be recommended to have a session of radio frequency and/or ultrasound twice weekly with an average of 6 – 12 sessions in a treatment program. But this will all depend on the individual’s needs.

Can anyone have radio frequency and ultrasound treatments?

Usually yes, though there are some contraindications. It cannot be used in patients with pacemakers, metal plates or pins in the treatment area, severe heart disease, connective tissue diseases, pregnancy or breastfeeding women.

Pre-treatment Consultation

  • On arrival, you will be asked to complete a confidential patient intake form.
  • Your practitioner will then discuss your concerns and requirements with you in order to get a clear understanding of your expectations. 
  • After a thorough examination, the most suitable treatment options and their alternatives will be proposed to you.  Treatment procedures will be clearly outlined and discussed, together with the benefits and possible risks of each.
  • To ensure a good result, it is of utmost importance to carefully select our patients for this treatment.
  • Should we find that surgery will be better, we will then refer you to a plastic surgeon.
  • Your practitioner may also provide you with a quotation.  
  • Any questions you have about the process or treatment will be answered honestly.
  • Together, you and the practitioner will then decide on the treatment that is most appropriate and safe for you.
  • Any pre- and post-treatment care will be explained in detail. Written instructions may be handed to you.

You are under no obligation to book the treatment with us after your consultation, however, should you do wish to book a treatment this can be done for you after your consultation or at a later date via phone or e-mail.

At Skinlogic we can assure you that we value your health and wellbeing. You will only be seen and treated by qualified and experienced professionals.

During the treatment

You will also be asked to sign the consent form once everything has been fully explained to you and you have had time to ask any questions you may have.

Following that, a clinical assessment will be done to evaluate the area and specific measurements will be done.  With your consent we may also take before and after pictures. 

Post-treatment care

  • Please drink 2 litres of water during the rest of the day.
  • To enhance results, follow a hypo-caloric diet after treatment.
  • Exercise is advisable for a minimum period of one month post treatment to aid in the removal of toxins.