Green Tea Mask


Green tea (Camellia Sinensis) is a plant frequently drunk as tea. Apart from water, it is the most widely consumed beverage on earth. It exerts most of its benefits through catechins extracted from the leaves, into water, which is then consumed.

“OptoDerm® Green Tea Mask sets a new standard.”

However, green tea catechins are quite unstable (especially in water) and their efficacy is reduced by mixing in "hard" water, high in calcium and magnesium. This poses a problem for their use in skin care products, since the upper layers of the skin are designed to reject water. OptoDerm®, has overcome the issues of stability and skin penetration by purifying and vectorizing the catechins with "skin identical" phospholipids. These phospholipids protect the catechins and carry them through the skin to where they are needed.

Sadly, many skin care products that promote themselves with the "green tea" label, contain extremely small quantities of the beneficial catechin components. OptoDerm® Green Tea Mask sets a new standard.

Key benefits include Age Defying Properties, Acne Management, Sun Protection, Skin Disorder Treatment (rosacea and psoriasis), Improvement of Vitiligo and Eye Puffiness Reduction.

Perhaps the most exciting benefit of green tea catechins has only recently been discovered EGCG has Anti-Senescent Activity. Cellular senescence means that normal cells lose the ability to divide generally after about 50 cell divisions. Recent findings suggest that EGCG can resist senescence effectively and even reactivate and restore senescent cells.